Services for Attorneys

Damages Analysis. FINRA Arbitration. Expert Witness. Investment Fraud.

Comprehensive Account Analysis

At the heart of every securities case is a comprehensive analysis of the damages and determination of suitabilty.  SCM utilizes the latest analytic tools to provide the following reports:

  • Net Out-of-Pocket Analysis
  • Trade by Trade Analysis
  • Individual Security Summary
  • Market Comparison
  • Market Adjusted Damages
  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Margin Analysis
  • Turnover Rate
  • Cost/Equity Ratio 
  • Suitability Analysis
  • and more

All reports can be customized to provide you the tools necessary to present your client’s case in its most favorable terms.

FINRA Arbitration Expert Witness

Expert Witness | Damage Analysis

SCM stands behind all of its reports and will gladly testify about the validity of the results and the procedures used to obtain them.

Robert N. Jones is a securities litigation consultant, damages analyst, expert witness, Chartered Financial Consultant, Certified Fraud Examiner and FINRA Arbitrator.  Rob has over twenty years of experience in securities litigation and the FINRA arbitration process.  He has successfully testified in the following venues:

  • FINRA Dispute Resolution
  • American Arbitration Association
  • State Court proceedings

Comprehensive Damage Analysis.

Litigation Consulting & Support

With the stakes of securities arbitration getting higher, it has become increasingly important for Claimants and the attorneys who represent them to have the best analysis, case management and understanding of arbitration procedures in their corner.

SCM provides years of securities litigation experience to assist attorneys in the specialized field of FINRA arbitration and can navigate a case from its initial consultation to a meaningful and rewarding recovery.

SCM provides attorneys a unique hybrid of expert analytics and superior litigation support at a remarkably affordable price.  Services that Securities Claims Management provides include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Initial Case Review and Consulting
  • Damage Analysis
  • Suitability Assessment
  • Expert Testimony
  • Comparitive Analysis of Opposing Damages Reports
  • Drafting Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Document Management
  • Case Management and Strategizing
  • Arbitrator Research and Ranking
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Mediation and Settlement Negotiations
  • Arbitration Hearing Attendance and Support
  • Secure Mass Document Digital Storage